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Our selection of ice boxes are available in a large range of shapes and size to suite most requirements. They have been manufactured using the very best of materials and fittings so that we can provide the highest quality ice boxes available.

The quality of our product is backed up with a five year warranty and a thirty day return policy. This means that you can purchase an IceBox Coolers product with confidence.

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Superior quality does not necessarily need to mean high prices. When you browse our store you will see that our ice boxes are available at the very best prices. By shopping in our store you can be confident that you will be choosing a product that will not only suite your needs, but is also sure to provide years of service.


What is the Difference Between an Ice Box, Cooler, Chilli Bin and an Esky?

Insulated containers designed to keep drinks and food cool are called a variety of names by people around the world. These are called a Cooler or Ice Cooler almost universally around the world, but in New Zealand they are called a Chilli Bin. The generic name for these in Australia is an Esky, although Esky is really a trademarked name which refers more specifically to an Esky brand product that is produced by Coleman. In this store we stock IceBox Cooler branded products. Esky branded products are not stocked in our store. 

So whatever you call them, chilli bins, ice boxes, ice coolers, coolers and eskies (esky’s) all do the same thing; that is they keep your drinks and food at the temperature you require.